Smeg ADP8242 Dishwasher User Manual

Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispenser
Filling with detergent
The detergent and rinse aid dispenser are on the inside of the door.
The detergent dispenser is on the left and the rinse aid dispenser is on the right.
Fill the dispenser with detergent before each wash.
To open the detergent dispenser press the button gently. The lid will spring out. Pour in the
detergent and close the lid. The dispenser is opened automatically during washing. If the
"super" programme is selected, as well as the usual dose of detergent, an extra amount will
have to be added to the adjacent cavity which is also below the lid.
IMPORTANT: use only detergents specifically intended for dishwashers. The use of good
detergents is important in obtaining the best washing results. If insufficient detergent is
added, the dirt will not be completely eliminated, while excessive detergent does not
increase the effectiveness of the wash, and may cause foam and pollution.
Adding rinse-aid
Open the cap of the dispenser and pour in the rinse-aid, watching the optical level indicator
(Fig. 2).
The rinse-aid dispenser is able to take about 140 c.c. of liquid. Before closing the cap or hatch,
wipe away any spills of rinse-aid with a soft cloth.
The rinse-aid is added to the water automatically during the last rinse; it speeds up the
drying process and prevents the formation of stains and scale deposits on the dishes.
To adjust the dosage, turn the selector on the dispenser to the desired position, the doses are
proportioned to the numbers indicated (Fig. 2). Increase the dose if the washed dishes are dull
or show round marks. If dishes are sticky or have whitish streaks, reduce the dose. The
appliance leaves the factory with a mid-range setting.
Dispenser full
Dispenser empty
1. 2.