Smeg ADP8242 Dishwasher User Manual

Not Working Properly cont...
If the dishes are not clean at the end of the program
Check whether:
- the right washing program has been used;
- the detergent dispenser has opened correctly;
- the right amount of detergent has been placed in the dispenser;
- the dishes have been arranged correctly;
- the spray-arms turn freely;
- the water tap has been turned on;
- the spray arm nozzles are blocked;
- the filler hose filter is fouled;
- the main water pressure is correct;
- there is salt in the water softener.
If the dishwasher does not work
Check that:
- the connection to the power supply socket and the fuse;
- there is not a power supply blackout;
- the water tap is turned on;
- the door is closed correctly;
- the filler hose filter is not fouled;
- the filler and drain hoses are not creased.