Smeg ADP8242 Dishwasher User Manual

Installation cont...
Stage 4
Position the decor door onto the front of
the dishwasher by locating the brackets
into the two mouldings mounted either
side on the top of the door.
NOTE: to remove the door a small plastic
tool is provided. This should be inserted
into the small black mouldings on the side
of the door, rotated and pulled away from
the appliance. The decor door can now be
removed from the appliance.
Stage 5
Align the top of the decor door with
adjacent cabinets. Gently open door whilst
supporting the lower half of the door. Once
in the lowered position fix the lower fixing
screws as shown in the diagram.
Stage 6
The dishwasher should now be screwed to the underside of the worktop, via the two outer
fixing holes in the top trim.