Smeg ADP8242 Dishwasher User Manual

Installation cont...
Stage 1
Supplied with the appliance is a metal anti-condensation
strip, this should be fixed to the underside of your
worktop along the front edge (via the two outer screws).
Also supplied with the appliance are two plastic skids,
which should be positioned below the adjustable feet
and allow the appliance to positioned easily.
The adjustable feet of the appliance allow it to be raised
up to 870mm, if the space between the floor and the
underside of the work surface is grater than 870mm,
then the appliance should be positioned on suitable
wooden spacers which should always be fixed to the
floor. Always use a spirit level to make sure that the
appliance is level.
After positioning the appliance, screw the feet in or out
to adjust its height if necessary, and to level it until
Proper levelling ensures that the dishwasher gives the
best service.
If the appliance is installed on a carpeted floor, take care
that the openings in its base are not obstructed.
Stage 2
Connect the water, drain and electrical supplies (230V 50Hz 13A). We recommend that the
appliance is connected to a cold water supply.
Stage 3
Measure the width of the decor door. Align the top of the template on the rear of the door
approximately 10mm above the top of the door. Using the dimensions marked on the template
align the dimensions of the decor door with corresponding dimensions on the right hand side of
the template. Mark through the identified position of the side fixing bracket with a bradawl.
Repeat this process for the left hand side fixing bracket (ensure the left handside dimension of
the template is aligned with the width of the decor door previously measured). Align the fixing
bracket over the pre-marked holes and secure in position with the screws provided.