Smeg ADP8242 Dishwasher User Manual

Loading the bottom basket
The dishwasher has a capacity of 12 place-settings including serving dishes.
Before loading the dishes, remove the largest scraps of food to avoid blocking the filter.
Very dirty pans of frying-pans must be soaked in water before they are placed in the
dishwasher, to allow food waste to be removed more easily.
Put pans in the bottom basket.
Thanks to the particular vigorous washing action of the bottom spray arm, the bottom basket is
the right place for the dishes with the toughest dirt. It has supports for plates and a basket for
cutlery of all kinds (if you have to wash only a little cutlery, just one basket can be used). The
bottom basket can be filled with plates, soup dishes, dessert and serving dishes, pans and lids.
Place the main course and dessert plates on the racks provided, taking care that there is
always a gap between one plate and the next. They must always be vertical to allow the water
to pass freely. Pans must always be upside down. All loading combinations and variations are
possible, provided dishes and pans are placed so that all dirty surfaces are exposed to the jets
of water from below, and the water is able to flow freely.
Loading the Top Basket
The top basket is intended to take only small and medium items such as glasses, small plates,
coffee and tea cups, shallow bowls and light heat resistant plastic objects. When the top basket
is used in the lower position, plates with light dirt can also be placed in it. Load plates with the
top, and other recipients with the opening facing down. A few washes will give you experience
of the best way to arrange cups and glasses in two layers. Large and small plates can be
placed in the centre, in the supports provided.