AEG 40660 Dishwasher User Manual

Adding Detergent
Detergents remove the dirt from
dishes and cutlery.
The detergent must be added before
the cycle starts.
1 Only use detergent intended for do-
mestic dishwashers.
The detergent compartment is lo-
cated on the inside of the door.
1.If the lid is closed:
Press the release button.
The lid will spring open.
2.Place the detergent in the detergent
dispenser. The markings indicate the
dosing levels for powder detergents:
“20/30” corresponds to approx.
20/30 ml of detergent.
Follow the manufacturer’s instruc-
tions with regard to dosing and
3.Close the lid and press until it locks
into place.
3 In the case of very heavily soiled
dishes, fill the adjoining compart-
ment (1) with additional detergent.
This detergent comes into use during the pre-wash cycle.