AEG 40660 Dishwasher User Manual

Starting a Dishwashing Cycle
1.Check that the spray arms can turn freely.
2.Turn the water tap on fully.
3.Close the door.
4.Press the ON/OFF button.
5.Select the desired cycle.
The programme display lights up. The selected cycle will begin after ap-
proximately 3 seconds.
Interrupting or Cancelling a dishwashing cycle
Interrupt a dishwashing cycle that is in progress if it is absolutely nec-
Interrupting the dishwashing programme by opening the dishwash-
er door
1 Hot steam may escape when the door is opened. There is a risk of scald-
1.Open the door carefully. The dishwashing cycle will stop.
2.Close the door. The cycle will continue.
Cancelling the wash programme
1.Press function buttons 2 and 3 and hold them down.
The LED indicators of all the programme buttons that can be selected
will illuminate.
2.Release the function buttons. The wash programme has been cancelled.
3.If you want to start a new wash programme, check whether there is any
detergent in the dispenser.
3 Turning off the dishwasher will only interrupt a selected dishwashing
cycle, not cancel it. The cycle will recommence after turning the dish-
washer back on again.
Setting the Delay Timer
Using the delay timer you can delay the start of a dishwashing cycle for
3, 6 or 9 hours.
1.Press the ON/OFF button.
2.Press the Delay Timer button repeatedly until the indicator next to the
number of hours for which the start of the dishwashing cycle is to be
delayed lights up, e. g.
6h, if the cycle is to start in 6 hours.