AEG 40660 Dishwasher User Manual

Water drainage
Drain hose
1 The drain hose must not be kinked, crushed or entangled.
Connecting the drain hose:
Maximum permitted height: 1 metre.
Minimum required height: 40 cm above the bottom edge of the ap-
Extension hoses
Extension hoses are available from
your local Service Force Centre. To
ensure that the function of the ap-
pliance is not impeded, the internal
diameter of extension hoses must
be 19 mm.
Extension hoses must not be laid
more than a maximum distance of
4 metres horizontally; the maxi-
mum permitted height for the con-
nection for the drain hose is then
85 cm.
Sink outlet connection
The outlet of the drain hose (ø 19 mm) fits all commonly available
sink outlet types. The outer diameter of the sink outlet connection
must be at least 15 mm.
The drain hose must be fixed to the sink outlet connection using the
hose clamp supplied.
Water drainage if the dishwasher is built-in at high level
If the dishwasher is installed at a high level, and the drain hose connec-
tion is less than 30 cm from the lower edge of the appliance, adapter
kit ET 111099520 must be fitted by your local Service Force Centre.
Water drainage into sink (only possible with free-standing appli-
If you wish to hang the drain hose over the edge of a sink, use a de-
tachable hose elbow. You can obtain this from Service Force by refer-
ring to spare part number ET 646 069 190.
1.Fit the elbow to the drain hose.