Creda C161E Cooktop User Manual

Electronic Clock & Automatic Oven Timer
(C361E & C461E)
Step 3 Press and hold in the Cook Period button.
The display will read 0.00 with the cookpot ( ) symbol lit.
Step 4 With the Cook Period button still held in,set the required Cook Period
using the “+” and “–” buttons.
Release the buttons and the timer display will revert to the time of day with the
Auto symbol and Cookpot ( ) symbol lit.
Step 5 Press and hold in the “End Time”button.
The display will read the earliest possible end time for the Cook Period that
you have set above.
The Auto symbol and Cookpot ( ) symbol lit.
Step 6 With the End Time button still held in,use the “+”and “–”buttons to set
the “End Time”(i.e.The time you require the oven to switch off).
Release all the buttons and the timer will revert back to the time of day.
The “Auto”symbol will remain lit to signify that an Auto Cooking Programme has
been set.The ( ) symbol will go out.
Step 7 Turn the oven control(s) to the required temperature,and if
necessary select the appropriate oven function.
Note: If your appliance has two ovens: When the timer has been set for one oven
it is possible to use the other oven only during the same Automatic programme.
At the end of the Automatic Cook Period the Auto Symbol will flash and an
intermittent bleeping sound will be heard.
The bleeping sound will continue for approximately 2 minutes unless cancelled.
The “Auto”symbol will continue to flash until the timer is returned to Manual
operation (see below).
Step 8 Press the Manual button to cancel the bleeping sound.
(If 2 minutes has not elapsed).
Step 9 Turn the oven control(s) to the OFF position.
Step 10 Press the manual button again to return the oven(s) to Manual Operation.
(The Auto symbol will go out)
There are two Auto Cooking programmes that can be selected using your timer:–
(a) To set the timer to switch the oven(s) On and Off Automatically
(b) To set timer to switch on immediately and OFF automatically after a set cook period.
This allows you to cook at a specified time for a chosen period before the oven switches
off Automatically.
Step 1 Check that the correct time of day is set,if not follow instructions for setting the time of day.
Step 2 Place food onto the correct shelf position in the oven and close the oven door(s).