Creda C161E Cooktop User Manual

Oven temperatures too high
or low
Check temperature and shelf positions are as recommended in
the Oven Temperature Charts.
It may be necessary to increase or decrease the recommended
temperature slightly to suit your taste.
Oven does not cook evenly
(a) Temperature and shelf positions are as recommended in the
Oven Temperature Charts.
(b) Oven utensils being used allow sufficient air flow around
Oven lamp does not work The oven lamp is not covered by the guarantee.The part is
easily changed (see the section on oven lamp replacement) A
new lamp may be obtained from our Parts department by
calling:08709 077077
Draught from beneath
control panel
A gentle flow of air will be blown from beneath the control
panel when the appliance is used.If the appliance is still warm,
this cooling fan may run on,or restart itself when all controls
have been turned off.
The fan will stop once the appliance has been cooled.This is
normal and not
a fault.
Condensation on the wall at
the rear of the cooker.
Steam and / or condensation may appear from the vent at the
rear of the appliance when using an oven particularly for foods
with a high water content e.g.frozen chips,roast chicken etc.
This is normal,and any excess should be wiped off.
Steam is a by - product of cooking any food with a high water
contact.To help minimise always:
a) Try to avoid leaving food in the oven to cool after being
b) Use a covered container,wherever possible.
Steam / Condensation in the
oven after use.