Creda C161E Cooktop User Manual

Refer to the instructions below for cleaning the ‘Credaclean’panels.
The surfaces of the ‘Credaclean’ oven liners are treated on the mottled face with a special vitreous
enamel which absorbs cooking soils.At temperatures of 220
C (425
F) or above, the special surface
enables these soils to be slowly destroyed. The higher the temperature the more effective it is. In
most cases normal cooking operations at this temperature will permit this cleaning operation to
proceed during cooking.However if higher cooking temperatures are not used regularly it may be
necessary in order to prevent heavy soiling,to run the oven without a meat pan at maximum setting
for a couple of hours.
Main Oven Liners - side and rear panels.
Top Oven Liners (C261E,C361E,C461E,C365E and R365E) - sides
It should not normally be necessary to clean the ‘Credaclean’ panels in water. If the user feels it is
desirable to do so, wash them in warm soapy water, followed by rinsing in clean water.Do not use
enzyme/biological washing powder,harsh abrasives or oven chemical cleaners of any kind.
It is advisable to clean the decorative trims regularly to prevent any build up of soiling which may
detract from the appearance of the cooker.The recommended method of cleaning is to wipe over the
trims with a soft cloth wrung out in hot water or mild non-abrasive cleaner. (If in doubt try the
cleaner on a small area of trim which is not noticeable in normal use).Then,after wiping with a cloth
wrung out in clear water,dry with a soft clean cloth.
Never use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners/powders which may scratch the surface.
Take care during cleaning not to damage or distort the door seals.Do not lift the door seal from the
oven chassis, if necessary remove the seal by carefully unhooking the corner clips.
Take care that the rating label edges are not lifted during cleaning, and furthermore that the
lettering is not blurred or removed.
Wipe with a damp cloth and polish with a dry cloth.
Wipe over the grill door decorative outer panel;with a cloth wrung out in hot soapy water,then after
wiping with a cloth wrung out in clear water,dry with a soft clean cloth.Do not use scouring pads
or abrasive powder which may scratch the surface. Ensure that the glass panel is not
subjected to any sharp mechanical blows.
Care and Cleaning
‘CREDACLEAN’ Oven liners
How “CREDACLEAN” works:
Decorative trims (all models) / Vitreous enamel hob (C161E and C261E):
Control Panel:
Grill Door: