Creda C161E Cooktop User Manual

Cooking Results Not Satisfactory?
Uneven cooking front
to back
Ensure that the grill pan is positioned centrally below
the grill element.
Top Oven Baking
C365E and R365E
Uneven cooking front
to back
Ensure the cooking utensil is at least 4ins from the front
of the shelf.
Uneven rising of
Ensure that the shelf is level (see above) and that the
food is positioned centrally in the oven.
Remember to reduce cooking temperatures by 10˚C
from standard recipes when using the top oven.
Food is taking too long to
Ensure that the cooking utensil used in the top oven is not larger
than 300x225mm (12ins x 9ins),e.g.the main oven meat pan.
Only cook one item at a time to avoid overloading the oven.
Fat splattering Ensure that the grill is not set to too high a setting.
Baking (General)
Uneven rising of cakes
Ensure that the oven shelves are level by using a spirit
level on the rod shelf and adjusting the wheels/feet.
The oven should be checked both left to right and front
to back.
Sinking of cakes
Over/Under cooking
Fast/Slow cooking
The following may cause cakes to sink:
1.Preheating of fan ovens.
2.Cooking at too high a temperature.
3.Using normal creaming method with soft margarine.
(use the all-in-one method – see Cook Book supplied).
4.If using soft margarine use the all-in-one method
Refer to the cooking times and temperatures given in
the oven temperature charts,however, it may be necessary
to increase or decrease temperatures by 10˚C to suit
personal taste.
Do not use utensils greater than 56mm (2
ins) in height.
Uneven cooking of
1. Too large baking sheet used.(See 'Cookery Notes',
page 38,for correct sizes).
2. Over loading of oven and always ensure even air
gaps around baking tins.
3. Placed into pre-heated oven.(See oven temperature charts)