Creda C161E Cooktop User Manual

Safety Information
When used properly your appliance is completely safe but as with any electrical product
there are certain precautions that must be observed.
Remove all packing from the appliance before switching on for the first time.
Understand the controls prior to using the appliance.
Keep children away from the appliance when cooking as the surfaces will get extremely hot
during and after use.
Turn controls off when not in use.
Stand back when opening an oven door to allow any build up of steam or heat to disperse.
Always use dry good quality oven gloves when removing items from the oven/grill.
Always place pans centrally over the hotplate making sure handles are kept away from the
edge of the hob and cannot become heated by other hotplates or pans.
Always take care to avoid heat or steam burns when operating the controls.
Always turn off the electricity supply at the wall switch and allow the appliance to cool before
cleaning (or changing an oven lamp if fitted).
Always make sure the shelves are in the correct position before switching on the oven or grill.
Always keep the oven/grill door closed when the appliance is not in use.
Always keep the appliance clean as a build up of grease or fat from cooking can cause a fire.
Always follow the basic principles of food handling and hygiene to prevent the possibility of
bacterial growth.
Always keep ventilation slots clear of obstructions.
Always refer servicing to a qualified appliance service engineer.
Always take care when removing items from the grill compartment when the lower oven is in
use as the contents will be hot
Always turn off the electricity supply to the appliance at the wall switch should any glass panel
(if fitted) crack or shatter and then DO NOT USE THEAPPLIANCE until repaired.
During use,the oven becomes hot.Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements
inside the oven.