Fisher & Paykel OB76 Oven User Manual

GRILL: upper inner element
GRILL delivers intense heat from the inner region of the top element. Great when
you need to quickly grill one to two portions of your usual favourites, like crispy
chicken breasts or a steak.
MAXI GRILL: upper inner and outer elements
MAXI GRILL delivers intense heat from the entire top element. It is the most suitable
function for ‘finishing off’ many meals, for example browning the top of potato
gratin and frittata. Use MAXI GRILL to toast bread or to grill your favourite chicken,
fish and steak.
AERO GRILL: fan plus upper inner and outer elements
AERO GRILL produces food with a finish that is similar to a rotisserie. Meat, poultry
and vegetables cook beautifully; food is crisp and brown on the outside while
the inside remains moist and tender. Try using this function for whole chicken or
tenderloin of beef.
WARM is a constant low heat of 75°C. Use it to keep cooked food hot, or to
warm plates and serving dishes. To reheat food from cold, use TRUE AERO and
change to WARM only when the food is piping hot, as this function will not bring
cold food up to a temperature high enough to kill any harmful bacteria.
This oven features a pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle that takes care of the mess and
grime that is traditionally associated with oven cleaning. During self-cleaning, the
oven reaches very high temperatures. This burns off and breaks down soil and
grease deposits. A smoke eliminator and active venting system eradicates odour.
For instructions on how to use SELF CLEAN, see the ‘Care and cleaning’ section.
Cooling fan
A cooling fan will come on automatically and blow air out below the oven door during the use
of most oven functions. It may continue to run after the oven is turned off to keep the door and
control panel cool.
Using your oven - before you start