Fisher & Paykel OB76 Oven User Manual

Using your oven
Tips for dehydrating fruit
To obtain high quality dried fruit, select only unblemished, ripe fruit.
Wash fruit thoroughly and pat dry. Peel if desired. Fruit that is not peeled will take longer to dry.
Remove pits, stems or seeds if necessary. Place fruit on a baking tray on a shelf in the oven.
We recommend using TRUE AERO or AERO BAKE at 50°C.
Tips for proofing bread
Your oven provides an ideal sealed environment for proofing bread.
Preheat the oven on BAKE at 30°C. When you are ready to proof the dough, turn the temperature
OFF, leaving the function knob at BAKE, and place the dough in a covered bowl on a shelf in the
warm oven. It will be the perfect temperature to proof dough. The oven is so well insulated that
it will stay warm for several hours.
Note: some recipes recommend putting water or ice in the oven with the bread dough during
baking. The additional moisture improves the bread crust. You must place the water or ice in a
heat resistant dish and on an oven shelf in positions 1 or 2. Do not put it directly onto the oven
floor. Placing water, ice or any dish or tray directly on the oven floor will irreversibly damage the