Fisher & Paykel OB76 Oven User Manual

SELF CLEAN function
A self-clean cycle normally takes about three hours. This can be reduced to two hours, or
anywhere in between two and three hours.
Only one oven in a double oven can be self-cleaned at a time.
When one oven is in a self-clean cycle, you cannot use the other oven.
Do not use your oven to clean miscellaneous parts.
Do not use oven cleaners. Do not use any commercial oven cleaner, oven liner or protective
coating of any kind in or around any part of the oven.
During a self-clean cycle, the oven reaches higher temperatures than it does for cooking. Under
such conditions, the surfaces may get hotter than usual and children should be kept away.
Using the SELF CLEAN function
Remove the oven shelves, side racks (see ‘Removing and replacing the sliding shelves and side
racks’), and all other bakeware and utensils from the oven before using the SELF CLEAN function.
If left in the oven, they will permanently discolour. The sliding oven shelves may also become
Wipe up large food spills or grease deposits. If you don’t, the enamel will permanently discolour.
This, however, will not affect the oven’s performance.
Select the SELF CLEAN function by turning the function knob.
Turn the temperature knob to its maximum position. will appear in the display and this will
change to
when the cycle begins. The DOOR LOCK and CLEAN symbols will show in the
clock display and the time remaining will count down.
For your safety, the door lock will automatically activate once you have selected the SELF CLEAN
function and temperature.
At the end of a self-clean cycle, the door will unlock and the DOOR LOCK symbol will disappear.
The CLEAN symbol and 0:00 will flash in the clock display and CLEAN END will show in the
function display until the oven is returned to manual operation – to do this, turn the function
and temperature knobs to OFF.
During SELF CLEAN, the soiling will be reduced to a small amount of grey ash. When the oven is
cold, remove the ash with a small brush or dry cloth. Then wipe out the oven with a clean damp
cloth and dry with a clean lint-free cloth.
Replace the side racks and the sliding shelves (see ‘Removing and replacing the sliding shelves
and side racks’).
Care and cleaning