Fisher & Paykel OB76 Oven User Manual

Removing and replacing the sliding shelves and side racks
To remove a sliding shelf, grip it by its two front corners (making sure you are gripping the wire
shelf and the sliding frame together), tilt upwards and pull it out of the oven.
To remove the side racks, gently push the retaining wire from underneath the lock stud, then
swing the lowest edge of the side rack up and out towards the centre of the oven until the rack
is almost horizontal. The prongs at the top will slide out
of the mounting slots.
To replace the side racks, hold them almost horizontally
and locate the prongs into the small mounting slots at the
top of the oven cavity. While you are doing this, support
the rack with your hand from underneath, to ensure that
both prongs perfectly locate into the mounting slots.
Lower the side racks carefully and gently place the
retaining wire underneath the lock stud.
Do not lower the side racks until the prongs are fully
inserted into the slots so that you do not chip the enamel.
Manual cleaning and maintenance
Do not use harsh/abrasive cleaning agents, waxes, scourers, sharp metal scrapers, polishes or
commercial oven cleaners to clean your oven, as these will permanently damage the surfaces.
If you choose to use a stainless steel cleaner, please read the label to make sure it does not
contain chlorine compounds. These are corrosive and may damage your oven’s appearance.
Clean the stainless steel surfaces in the same direction as the grain, in a horizontal motion.
Do not clean or use any oven cleaning products on the door seal or cavity seals (gaskets). Do not
rub, damage or move the seals, as they ensure that the oven seals properly and thus operates
It may be useful to lock the oven controls before cleaning - see ‘How to lock the control panel’ in
‘User preference settings’ for details.
Cleaning the brushed and iridium stainless steel surfaces
Wipe with a clean damp cloth and dry with a lint-free cloth.
To reduce marks like fingerprints, use a stainless steel cleaner regularly.
Do not use scourers or other abrasive cleaners as they will permanently damage the surface.
Cleaning the exterior glass surfaces
Use a mild solution of detergent and warm water; use a glass cleaner to remove smears and
Dry with a soft lint-free cloth.
Do not use sharp metal scrapers to clean the glass surfaces.
Note: the interior oven door glass will be cleaned during a self-clean cycle.
Care and cleaning
Mounting slots
Retaining wire
Lock stud