Fisher & Paykel OB76 Oven User Manual

Problem Possible cause What to do
Oven door will not
Oven door is locked.
Still in SELF CLEAN function. The door
will unlock when the cycle has finished
and the oven has cooled to a safe
Oven light does
not work
Light bulb has blown. Replace the light bulb. Refer to ‘Care
and cleaning’ for details.
Oven not heating Oven door is not properly
closed or it is opened
too frequently during
Oven elements and fans turn off while
the door is open so be sure the oven
door is properly closed. Note: GRILL
functions will only operate with the
door closed.
Baked foods too
brown on top or
Oven not preheated. Preheat until the illuminated ring
around the temperature knob changes
from red to white.
Bakeware too large or too
small for the recipe.
Use the correct sized bakeware.
Baking pans/tins not
evenly spaced on shelves.
Stagger baking pans on the oven
shelves so that there is at least 3 cm
between them and the oven walls.
Baking, eg cookies, not
evenly sized or spaced on
baking trays.
Make all cookies in a batch the same
size and shape and space them evenly
over the baking tray.
Dark, coated baking pans. Reduce the oven temperature by 10°C
and extend the cooking time by a
couple of minutes.
Use shiny baking pans/trays.
Shelf position too high for
specific function.
Try a lower shelf position.
Opening the oven door
frequently during baking.
Do not open the door until at least ¾ of
the baking time has passed.
Baking temperature too
high or too low.
Adjust temperature.
Baked foods pale
and undercooked
on the base
Shiny baking trays, tins, or
pans being used.
Shiny baking trays, tins, and pans reflect
the heat and may result in baked food
that is pale and undercooked on the
Baking (eg cookies)
too brown on the
Dark, coated baking
Use shiny baking pans/trays.