GE JGP389 Cooktop User Manual

Control Approximate Cooking Approximate Cooking
Food Item Setting Time First Side Time Second Side
Bacon Medium 4 to 5 minutes 3 to 4 minutes
Buns HI 2 to 3 minutes
Eggs Medium 2 to 3 minutes 1 minute
Fish sticks (frozen) Medium 7 to 8 minutes 5 to 7 minutes
Ham slice Medium 6 to 7 minutes 5 to 6 minutes
Hamburgers Medium 5 to 7 minutes 4 to 6 minutes
Hot dogs HI 5 minutes 5 minutes
French toast HI 2 to 4 minutes 2 to 3 minutes
Grilled cheese sandwiches HI 2 to 3 minutes 2 to 3 minutes
Pancakes HI 1 to 2 minutes 1 to 2 minutes
Sausage patties Medium 6 to 8 minutes 4 to 5 minutes
The texture steel grill cover makes an attractive cover for the grill section
of the cooktop when it is not in use.
To Use the Grill Cover
Remove the cover before heating the grill. Since a
heated grill cover would not appear hot, this could
cause accidental burns should it be touched. Heating
the grill cover could also damage the finish.
Do not place the grill cover over a heated grill. Let
the grill cool before putting the cover in place.
Use the cover over the grill grates only. Do not place
the cover over the griddle or surface burner grates.
IMPORTANT: Although the finish is very durable,
care should be taken to avoid setting utensils or other
items on the surface that could cause scratches.
DO NOT set extremely hot containers on the
surface, including handles, since these could mar or
discolor the cover. It is an attractive cover and proper
care will keep it that way.
Using the Griddle
1. Before the first use, wash your new griddle in hot
soapy water, rinse and dry. Then “condition” the
surface by wiping on a thin coating of cooking oil
or shortening. Remove excess oil or shortening by
wiping again with another paper towel.
2. Insert grill burner. DO NOT use grill grates.
3. Place griddle over grill burner so that the drain
holes are in front. This will permit excess grease
to be collected in the grease container.
4. Preheat the griddle 5 to 10 minutes at the specified
setting as noted in the Griddle Guide.
5. Use non-metallic spatulas or utensils while
cooking to prevent damaging the finish.
NOTE: These are suggested guides for control settings and times. Factors
such as low gas pressure may affect the times and control settings which
provide the best results. Preheat 5 to 10 minutes at specified setting.