GE JGP389 Cooktop User Manual

Important Safety Instructions
• Use proper pan size—Avoid pans that are
unstable or easily tipped. Select cookware having
flat bottoms large enough to properly contain food
and avoid boilovers and spillovers, and large
enough to cover burner grate. This will both save
cleaning time and prevent hazardous accumulations
of food, since heavy spattering or spillovers left on
cooktop can ignite. Use pans with handles that can
be easily grasped and remain cool.
• To avoid the possibility of a burn, always be
certain that the controls for all burners are at
the off position and all grates are cool before
attempting to remove a grate.
• If the cooktop is located near a window, do not
use long curtains which could blow over the burners
and create a fire hazard.
• If you smell gas, turn off the gas to the cooktop
and call a qualified service technician. Never use
an open flame to locate a leak.
• Do not cover or block the area around the
cooktop knobs. This area must be kept clear for
proper ventilation and burner performance.
• Cook meat and poultry thoroughly—meat to
at least an INTERNAL temperature of 160° F.
and poultry to at least an INTERNAL temperature
of 180° F. Cooking to these temperatures usually
protects against foodborne illness.
• When using glass cookware make sure it is
designed for cooktop cooking.
• Always use the LITE position when igniting
burners and make sure the burners have
• Do not touch grill and surface burner areas,
or perimeter trim around cooktop. During and
after use, these areas may be hot enough to cause
burns. Avoid contact with these areas by clothing
or other flammable materials until they have had
sufficient time to cool.
• Do not use cookware on the grill section of
this cooktop.
• Do not heat unopened food containers. Buildup
of pressure may cause the container to burst and
result in injury.
• Keep all controls “OFF” when the cooktop is
not in use.
• Always allow hot pans to cool in a safe place
out of the reach of small children.
• This cooktop has been tested for safe
performance using conventional cookware.
Do not use any devices or accessories that are
not specifically recommended in this guide.
Do not use stovetop grills or burner covers for the
surface burners. The use of devices or accessories
that are not specifically recommended in this
guide can create serious safety hazards, result
in performance problems and reduce the life
of the components.
• Do not use aluminum foil to line aeration tray
or burner basin. Restriction of normal air flow
may result in unsafe operation.
• Keep plastic away from all burners.
• Do not use a wok on the cooking surface if the
wok has a round metal ring which is placed
over the burner grate to support the wok.
This ring acts as a heat trap which may damage
the burner grate and burner head. Also, it may
cause the burner to work improperly. This may
cause a carbon monoxide level above that allowed
by current standards, resulting in a health hazard.