GE JGP389 Cooktop User Manual

Grill Burner Grill Grates
The grill burner should
be cleaned after each
use. It can be cleaned
with soapy steel wool
pad or in the dishwasher.
Rinse and dry thoroughly
before using again. For
heavy soil, the burner
should be cleaned first
with a soapy steel wool pad, rinsed and dried. Then it
can be cleaned in a self-cleaning oven for two hours.
NOTE: Check to be sure all burner ports are open.
To open clogged ports, insert a twist tie directly into
each port.
The grates should be cleaned
after each use. They can be
cleaned with detergent and a
plastic scrubber, such as Tuffy,
or washed in the dishwasher
if burned on residue is first
removed. For heavy soil, grates can be soaked in hot,
soapy water mixed with household ammonia.
Do not use metal brushes or abrasive scouring
pads or other scrubbers intended to clean outdoor
grills. These will remove the finish as well as
scratch the grates. Do not clean in a self-cleaning
oven or use oven cleaners on the grates.
Grill Cover
The grill cover may be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent
or liquid household cleanser. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
DO NOT clean in a dishwasher.
Ventilation System
Vent Grille: The vent
grille lifts off easily.
Wipe clean or wash
in the sink with mild
household detergents.
Filter: Turn off the fan
before removing. Turn
the filter retainer clip
to remove the filter.
The filter is a permanent
type and should be
cleaned when soiled.
Clean in the sink with
warm water and liquid
dishwashing detergent.
IMPORTANT: Do not operate the fan without the
filter. The filter should always be placed at an angle.
As you face the front of the cooktop, the top of the
filter should rest against the left side of the vent
opening and the bottom of the filter should rest
against the right side of the ventilation chamber at
the bottom. If the filter is flat against the fan wall,
ventilation effectiveness is reduced.
Ventilation Chamber: This area, which houses the
filter, should be cleaned in the event of spills or
whenever it becomes coated with a film of grease.
The ventilation chamber may be cleaned with a paper
towel, damp cloth or sponge and a mild household
detergent or cleanser.