Miele G 2170 Dishwasher User Manual

Before using for the first time
Rinse aid
Rinse aid is needed to prevent spotting
on dishes and glassware.
The rinse aid is filled in the reservoir I I !
and the set amount will be
automatically dosed.
z_Filling the rinse aid reservoir with
detergent will damage the reservoir.
i Only pour rinse aid formulated for
ii residential dishwashers into the
ii When using "2 in 1" detergents,
Adding rinse aid
[] Pour liquid rinse aid into the reservoir
until it its visible on the surface of the
The rinse aid reservoir holds approx.
3.7 oz (110 ml).
[] Press on the flap until you hear it
click shut. Failure to close it all the
way allows water to enter the
reservoir during the wash program.
[] Clean any spilled rinse aid. The flap
will remain closed during normal
[] Press the button in the direction of
the arrow until the flap springs open.