Miele G 2170 Dishwasher User Manual

At the end of a program
[] Open the door a few inches to see if
the program has finished.
The indicator of the selected program
has gone out.
Interrupting a program
A program is interrupted as soon as the
door is opened. If the door is closed,
the program will continue from where it
was interrupted.
still on, the program is still running.
Close the door again to allow the
program to finish.
Dishes tends to chip if removed still hot
from the dishwasher.
[] Let the dishware cool by opening the
door slightly.
The dishes will cool much faster.
[] Open the dishwasher and unload the
[] Turn the dishwasher off _.
The dishwasher continues to use
electricity until turned off with the
[] If the dishwasher is not used for a
longer period of time,
e.g. vacationing, turn off the water
Danger of scalding. Before closing
the door again, leave it ajar for
approx. 20 secs. This will enable the
temperature in the wash cabinet to
settle. Close the door firmly until it
clicks into place.
Changing a program
ii If the detergent flap is already open,
If a program has already started and
you wish to change it:
[] Open the door.
[] Press the (_ button.
[] Press the ( button.
[] Select the desired program with the
program selector button.
[] Close the door.
The program starts.