Miele G 2170 Dishwasher User Manual

Frequently asked questions
Detergent is left in the
dispenser at the end
of a program.
The detergent lid
cannot be closed
The door and the
interior walls are still
wet after a program
has finished.
Water remains in the
wash cabinet at the
end of a program.
Possible fault Solution
The dispenser was damp Dry the dispenser before
when detergent was added, adding detergent.
Detergent residue is Remove the residue.
blocking the catch.
This is not a fault! The moisture will
It is the normal operating evaporate after a short
mode of the drying system, time.
Before fixing the fault:
- Turn the dishwasher off
The triple filter in the wash Clean the triple filter. See
cabinet is clogged. "User Maintenance
The drain pump or the Clean the drain pump and
non-return valve may be the non-return valve, see
blocked, maintenance instructions.
The drain hose is kinked. Remove any kinks from the
drain hose.