Miele G 2170 Dishwasher User Manual

Connection to the water supply
z_D° not drink water from the
- The dishwasher can heat its own
water to the temperature required by
the wash program. This allows for
connection of the machine to either a
hot or cold water source. For lowest
energy consumption connect the
dishwasher to a cold water source.
For fastest possible wash times, with
slightly higher energy consumption,
connect the dishwasher to a hot
water source. All programs use hot
water in the rinse cycles.
- The inlet hose is approx. 5 ft. (1.5 m)
long. A 5 ft (1.5 m) flexible metal
hose (pressure resistant up to
2030 psi) is available.
- The water inlet hose comes
equipped with a 3/4" female hose
thread connector. This can be
directly connected to a water supply
with 3/4" MHT (male hose thread
- Water pressure: Must be between
4.5 - 145 psi (0.3 - 10 bar).
z_Do not cut the intake hose. It
contains electrical wiring. If the hose
is cut, the dishwasher will not work.
There will be a watedeak and you
could be injured. If the hose is too
long, coil it neatly and place it
behind the machine.