Miele G 2170 Dishwasher User Manual

Cleaning and Care
Cleaning the drain pump and
non=return valve
If the dishwasher is not completely
drained at the end of a program, the
drain pump or non-return valve may be
[] Turn off the dishwasher and pull the
[] Remove the triple filter (see "Triple
filter system").
[] Use a jug or bowl to scoop water out
of the wash cabinet.
[] Tilt the locking clamp to the side _.
[] Pull out the non-return valve _ and
rinse it under running water.
[] Remove all foreign objects from the
non-return valve.
The drain pump is beneath the
non-return valve (see arrow).
[] Remove all foreign objects from the
drain pump (glass or bone splinters).
[] Before returning the non-return valve,
check that the drain pump is not
blocked. Spin the propeller several
times in both directions to check for
[] Carefully reinsert the non-return valve
and secure it with the locking clamp.
i } ....
il z_. Make sure the locking clamp