Miele G 2170 Dishwasher User Manual

Cleaning and Care
Cleaning the water inlet filter
A filter is incorporated into the intake
hose attached to the dishwasher's shut
off valve. If your water is hard or the
pipes contain sediment, this filter may
clog and prevent enough water from
entering the wash cabinet.
Installing an in=line water filter
If your water contains a large number of
insoluble substances, a filter between
the water valve and the intake hose
connection is recommended. These
filters can be purchased from Miele.
Cleaning the filter
[] Turn off the dishwasher and pull the
[] Turn off the water supply.
[] Unscrew the intake hose.
Carefully remove the rubber seal.
Remove the filter using needle nose
pliers and rinse it under running
[] Reinsert the filter and seal. Make sure
they are seated correctly.
[] Screw the intake hose back on the
water valve, checking that it is not
Slowly turn on the water supply and
test for leaks.