Whirlpool WRF993FIFM Refrigerator User Manual

Install Air Filter
An air lter is 15 times more powerful than baking soda at
reducing common food odors inside the refrigerator.
On some models, your refrigerator’s accessory packet includes
an air lter which must be installed prior to use.
Installing the Air Filter
Install the air lter behind the blue LED-lighted vent cover, located
on the rear wall near the middle of the refrigerator.
1. Remove the air lter from its packaging.
2. Pull out plastic cover over the vented cover.
NOTE: When cover is removed for the rst time, a small foam
part the size of the lter will need to be discarded.
3. Snap the lter into place.
A. Air filter
Replacing the Air Filter
The disposable air lter should be replaced every 6 months.
To order a replacement air lter, contact us. See “Accessories”
section in the User Guide for information on ordering.
1. Remove the used air lter by squeezing in on the side tabs.
2. Install the new air lter using the instructions in the previous
Install Produce Preserver
(on some models)
The produce preserver absorbs ethylene to slow the ripening
process of many produce items. As a result, certain produce
items will stay fresh longer.
Ethylene production and sensitivity varies, depending on the type
of fruit or vegetable. To preserve freshness, it is best to separate
produce with sensitivity to ethylene from fruits that produce
moderate-to-high amounts of ethylene.
to Ethylene
Apples High Very High
Asparagus Medium Very Low
Berries Low Low
Broccoli High Very Low
Cantaloupe Medium High
Carrots Low Very Low
Citrus Fruit Medium Very Low
Grapes Low Very Low
Lettuce High Very Low
Pears High Very High
Spinach High Very Low