GE 49-4491 Microwave Oven User Manual

AUTOcyclewhenusingAutoCookContro\Code 1
A. When using Code 1,there is no second phase of
minutes counting down. All the cooking is com-
in the first phase or AUTO.
If myfood is not completelycookedafter using
the suggested Auto Cook Control Code, what
A. Thick starchy or dense foods may req’uiresome
additional time cooking. Use TIME COOK and
PowerLevel10for a few minutesuntil completion.
Q. Do all fresh or frozen vegetables require a
A, Most vegetablesare cooked to a crisp.state dur-
ing Auto cook, just as in regular microwaving,
Therefore, it is recommendedthat you let the vege-
tables stand for up to 5 minutes depending on size
and density of pieces. This standing time also en-
hances the overall flavor and appearance of most
Q. What if I dm’t fully cover the dish in Auto
Oven senses steam tgo quickly which shgrbqs
the cooking time thus leaving undercooked dish.
Recovertightly and resetAuto Cook,
Q. 130the shapesand sizesof food make a dlffer-
A. Yes,in some cases,larger pieces will require ad-
ditional Time Cooking. Be sure to check suggested
arrangement of pieces in the dish, since proper arm
rangement is often a successfultip in regular micro=
Q. Should i use Auto Cook to cuok pudding or
A. Most pudding and sauce recipes require stirring
many times during cooking: therefore, Time Cook is
recommended since you should not open the door
during the AUTO phase of cooking without affect=
ing end cooking results.
Q. My scalloped potatoes were not completely
cooked when I removedthe $Ish afterAuto Cook.
Whatis wrong?
A. if you prepared the sauce in the oven prior to
combining the sauce with potatoes, there may have
been too much remaining moisture in the oven,
Make sure you dry the oven completely before us-
ing Auto Cook since this function operates properly
by sensing steam in the oven, Also, starting Auto
Cook with hot foods cre~tes steam in the oven too
soon, and decreasesthe first sensing cycle.
Q. Are there any other foods which are best Time
A. Bakery foods, candies, melted chocolate or
foods when a dry or crisp surface% desirable, are
cooked best by Time Coak.
Q. Do fresh or frozen vegetablesrequire water
A. Yes.Add water as recommendedon chart to the
vegetables and cover well for even, complete
Q. Wouldmy piasticcontainerswithverytightfit-
tinglidsbeappropriatefor AutomaticCooking?
A, No, most types of plastic storage dishes, butter
tubs,etc.with tight fitting lids arenot recommended
for microwaving. Aiso tight fitting piastic lids may
prevent adequate steam from escaping and food
may not cook properly during Automatic Cooking,
CL I triedto warmsomechowmeinnoodlesusing
A. Food musthavesomemoisture in order to create
steam which heips the auto sensor function.
Extremely dry foods such as chow mein noodles,
potato chips and other such foods do not have
enough moisture,
Cl. May I useAutoCook when I am cookingmany
foodsin morethanonedishor casserole?
A. No,becauseofdifferentfood densities,attention
neededduring cooking, and food amounts,itis best
to use TIME COOK when cooking many foods.
Q. Whywas myroastnotfullycookedev~nthough
the temperatureon the readoutwas corre~t and
A. When cooking with Auto Roast,the temperature
probe must be inserted properly as Wily described
in the Cookbook, After turning meat over or rotat-
ing, the probe should be checked to make sure it
hasn’t slipped or changed position,
Lastthe IusedAutoRoastI removedthe roast
fromthe ovento turnit over,When1replacedroast
In oven and reccannectedthe meat probe, AUTO
A. The oven and roast may have cooled to below
80”, or probe may have been repositioned, Con-
tinue roasting and numbers will soon reappear,
Q. Are there any particulartrivetsthat workbetter
A. Yes,flat glass trivets such as lids or dish covers
give more even cooking results than plastic trivets,
Also, ceramic ridge-bottomed roasting dishes work
well. Plastic trivets require meat to be turned over
more frequently because the grid design and legs
allow the bottom of the meat to stay cooler as it
cooks, than glasstrivets do,
Q. Why doesn’tthe roastcontinuecookingduring
A, The oven automatically reachesfinished temper-
ature and then decreases to a lower power level to
prevent overcooking. Thus an even temperature is