GE 49-4491 Microwave Oven User Manual

Save time and money.
(Mm Will Not Come On:
Main circuit breaker is tripped.
* One of house
fuses has blown.
before you calllfor service, check the Wowing:
Foods Are Either overcooked or
@3-prong plug isn’t fully inserted into wail recep-
Control Pane! Lighted, Yet Oven Will
Not start:
Makesure youtouched STARTbutton,
Door is notsecurely closed.
You have already entered another program and
not touched CLEAR/OFFto cancel it.
Temperature Probe not inserted properly or not
being usedduring Auto Roastor TempCook,
Youhavenotentered numbersafter TimeCook,
You have not entered desired finished temper-
ature after TempCook.
CLEAR/OFFwastouched accidentally,
After touching Cook Code, Auto Cook, or Auto
“EFtFK)R99Appears (h Readout:
TempCookfunction, you haveentered
a temperature lessthan$(Y’or more than 199°,
@Door isopenedduring “AUTCY’cycleof Automatic
Cooking function, Closedoor and touch START,
Not enough time set when using Time Cook func-
tion because of variance of starting food temper-
The density and amount
of foods will vary and
thus mayneedmoretimefor completion.
Dish not completely covered as directed for
Previous microwaving left humidity or moisture in
oven thus lessening the cooking time in Auto
Certain vegetables that are cooked using Auto
Cook needa standing period aftercooking. Check
Automatic CookingChart.
Probe not inserted properly into meat or dish,
Check Cookbook and Auto Roast section in this
book for specific probe placement.
IncorrectCook Codenumbersentered.
Incorrect f%wer L@veleflterad.
Dish was
not rotated, turned or stirred !! these in-
structions weregiven in recipe,
Oven was opened during “AUTO” cycia d Auto
Toomanydishesin ovenat sametime,
“RESET flashes cmReadout:
There has been a power interruption. Touch
CLEAFW3FFand oven is ready for use,
@ Whenoven is first plugged in, all the readout is lit
and then Resetflashes,Touch CLEAFVOFF.
@Probe has been forgotten when Auto Roast or
TempCook functions are being used.
@ Probe is not securely seated in oven wall recep-