GE 49-4491 Microwave Oven User Manual

of fiow to trmke
Place covered food in
oven. Touch Auto Cook
pad.“Enter Code” flashes
on readout.
Touch number pad for
desired code, Code 2
shows and “Start” flashes
Word AUTO shows on
readout, indicating steam
sensor is activated. DC)
Automatic cooking codes 1through 9 are designedto
give you easy automatic results with a number of
Codes are arranged in lowest to highest amount of
-power. For examPl@tCode 1 gives least
ooklng power, Code 2 gives more power than Code
1,Code 3 increasespower over Code 2 and so on,
Another feature to give you more flexibility In Auto-
matic Cooking is the preferencecontrol, which can be
usedto “fine tune” the power of Codes 2through 9, By
simply adding a 1after a Code,you can setthe ovento
cook using X)% less time than the code would regu=
Iarly deliver, For example, if Code 4 cooks your vege=
Beep sounds wfien steam
is sensed and AUTO is
replaced by cook time+
Rotate or stir food, When
done, oven beeps and
Codes& PreferenceControl
Code 1, which has the least power, is used for quick
reheating jobs while the longer cooking foods like
stew or chili use higher codes. A Cooking Chart and
recipes,starting on page21give many tested usesfor
automatic cooking codes. Rememberingthat yQu~a~
adjustthe power up or down by increasing or decreas-
ing the C@e will give you added flexibility.
tables more done than you like them, set Code41 next
time and you wiHget
2CW’Olesscooking time,
Likewise, if you wish slightly more time than a code
delivers, add a 9 after the Code. For the vegetables in
the example above,Code
49wouldprovide 20°/0more
time for cooking than would the regular Code 4.
Touch Auto Cook Pad. “Enter
Code” flasheson readout,
Touch number pads4 and! In that
order, Code flashes on rmdout
until “Start” Is touched showing
that preference control is used,
Code 4 shows and ‘Start” flashes
on readout.
~TAfW.AUTO shows on
readout display, DC) NOT OPEN
DOOR until first oven signal, then
rotatedish 1/2 turn, Closedoor and
touch START to finish cooking,