GE 49-4491 Microwave Oven User Manual

The benefit is automatic setting and control of cooking, but just Ilke conventional microwaving you must
check the food after the AUTO cycle (oven beepsand cook time begins to count down on display) andturn,
rotate or stir as recommended.
- —.-... ............... ....
the round or {oaf microwave-safe
containers, Fish loaves made with
precookedor canned fish useAuto
Cook (Xde 4. Beef loaf uses Auto
Cook Code 8. Cover with plastic
wrap and rotate M turn after oven
signals. Seethe chart on following
page for recipes.
Whole ehlcken, chicken braasts
and pieces,or turkey parts should
be plmxxl in a microwave-safe &
in, square dish, 12x $ x 2+. dish
or 3 qt. casserole. Cover securely
with plastic wrap or container lid,
If cocking bag is used for whole
chicken, shield breast bone with
small strip of foil. Rotate dish %
turn when oven signals. UseAuto
Cook Code 4.
PorkChopsautomaticallycook well
in 8 x 12 x 2-in, dish, ccweredwith
plastic wrap, Add barbeque sauce
or other sauce on each chop.
Microwave using Auto Cook Code
49 which is Code 4 with the added
digit 9 giving the Gode 200/9more
time, (Seepage21.)
-.L=, -, +
_. .—
FM fil!ds, whole fish or seafood
pieces should be in single layer in
flat pie plate or oblong dish to fit=
Cover with plastic wrap or con=
tainer lid. Use Auto Cook Code 6
for fillets arid Auto Cook Code 1
for seafood pieces=
Spa?%?ribs and Iwiskatshould be
automatically cooked in round
glass conta’irmrwith lid or plastic
wrap,Makesureliquid coversmeat.
After cwen signals, turn over or
rearrange meatsoften.
Use tlw
following step-by-step instructions and tips whw adaptingyour casserolerecipes for Automatic
topped casseroltw, rerncnwcover after oven sig-
nals and
add topping, the~ continue cooking
Allow precooked ingredients or hd $%Ncesto
coedslightly before adding ether ingredients.
Meats and vegetables should be submerged in
After oven signals, rotata dish % turn and stir
covering all ingreditmts with liquid.