GE 49-4491 Microwave Oven User Manual

Freshor CannedVegetables
. .
Whole or large halvesof vegeta-
Pleces or siices 0? vegetables
Precooked/canned vegetables
Mes such as cauliflower or squash
use Auto Cook Code 5. Use round
or square container close to the
sizeof vegetable.Add %cup water.
Cover with lid or plastic wrap.Turn
cauliflower over after ovensignals.
For other vegetables, rotate %turn
require %to %cup of water. Use
Stir or rotate after oven signals.
Use Auto Cook Code 5.
should be placed in round con-
tainer similar in size to amount
being cooked (at least half full).
Cover and stir well after AUTO
cycle. UseAuto Cook Code 1,
when oven signals.
Block or ioose plmxw of frozen
vegetablesshould beplacedInsuit-
able size contahw (at least half
fuli) ccwwxx.fwith lid or plastic
wrap.Add 1or 2tablespoonswater,
Stir after oven dgnaiai LJsoAuto
Cook Code 3.
Pouches of frozen vegetables
Alternataiy, frozen vegetables in
should be slit 1“ in center b6fore
pouches can be slit with an “X”
placing directly on
oven floor, Use
shaped sIN and placed in glass
Auto Cook Code 4,.After oven sig-
container with “X” downward, After
cooking, pick up p~uch and wmpty
pouch %turn,
food into dish through “X” opining,