GE 49-4491 Microwave Oven User Manual

To replacehoodlamp, first disconnectpowerat
rnalnfuse or clrcult
tweaker panel or pull plug.
Remove 2 screws from each side of lower panel,
steady the $m@keand spatter shield with one hand
while removing and replacing the 2 screws on each
side. Then remove the 3 screws from front edge,
Lower the panel until it rests on range below. Place
fingers on top near each end of lamp. Press down
and roll top of lamp gently toward front until it stops,
Remove.Replacewith sametype and wattage lamp,
Hold lamp near each end and insert prongs in
sockets, Gently roll top of lamp toward rear of range
until it stops. Raiselower panel and replacescrews.
To replaceyour oven lamp,first disconnectpowerat
mainfum orchcultbreakeror pullplug.Removethe
top grill by taking off 2 screws which hold it in place,
Next, remove the single screw on top left that
secures lamp housing, (On models so equipped.)
Open oven door for easier removalof the lamp hous=
ing assembly,Then grasp tab and pull out and up to
clear door hinge and front lip of oven. To remove
bulb, push it inward gently and turn to left, theri pull
outward from socket, Replace with GE Lamp
s 25?’8DC.
Clean off the grease and dust on hood surfaces
often, Useawarm detergent solution. About 1table-
spoon of ammonia may be added to the water. Take
care not to touch the filters and enameled surfaces
with this, Ammonia wINtend W darken metal, Wash
the smoke and spatter shield with a warm detergent