GE 49-4491 Microwave Oven User Manual

1. For personalsafetythe oven must be properiy
grounded.See groundinginstructionson Page3 of
this book
2. Cooking utensilsmay become hot because of
heat transferred from the heated food. This is espe-
cially true if plastic wrap has been covering the top
and handles of the utensil. Pot holders may be
Sometimes,the ovenshelfcanbecometoohotto
touch.Be careful whentouching the shelfduring and
after cooking.
4 ~$Bo~lable’*~~~~i~g pouches and tightly closed
p~asticbags+should be slit, pricked or vented as di-
rected in Cookbook. If they are not, plastic could
burst during or immediately after cooking, possibly
resulting in injury, Also, plastic storage containers
should be at least partially uncovered becausethey
form a tight seal. When cooking with containers
tightly covered with plastic wrap, remove covering
carefully and direct steam away from hands and
5. Ronstdefrostfrozenbeveragesin narrow necked
bottles especially carbonated ones, Even if the con-
tainer is opened, pressure can build up. This can
causethe containerto burst,resulting in injury.
6. Don’t overcook. Excessive overcooking ctehy-
dratespotatoes,and maycause them to catch fire
7, If food shouid ever Ignite, keep the oven door
ciosed. Turn off the power immediately. Touch
CLEAR/OFF or disconnect power cord or shut off
power at the fuse or circuit breakerpanel.
& I?er?wvethe probe from the oven
whennotu$ingiit to cook with, If you leavethe probe
inside the oven without inserting it in food or liquid
andturn on microwaveenergy,it cancreateelectrical
arcing in the oven,and damageoven walls or shelf.
9. Remove wire twist4hm on paper and plastic
bags before placing in oven. Twist-ties sometimes
cause bag to heat, and maycausefire.
10. 130iiingeggs(in or
outof thesheil)isnotrecoin=
mendedfor microwave cooking. Pressure can build
up inside egg yolk and cause it to burst, resulting in
11, 00 not pop popcorn in your microwaveoven
unlessin a special microwavepopcorn accessoryor
unless you use popcorn in a package labeled for
microwave ovens. Because of the heat generated,
without these precautions,the container could catch
12. Use metai oniy as directedin cookbook.Metal
strips as used on meat roasts are helpful in cooking
food when used as directed. Metaltrays maybe used
for TV dinners. However, when using metal in the
microwave oven, keep metai at ieast l-inch away
13, Do not use any thermometerin food you are
microwavingunlessthat thermometer is designed or
recommendedfor usein the microwaveoven.
14. Do not store fiammabiematerialsin an oven.
Also, do not use flammable fluids in the vicinity of
your oven.
15. Do not use your microwaveoven to dry news-
papers.If overheated,they can catch fire.
16, Piastic IJtensiis-Plastic utensils designed for
microwave cooking are very useful, but should be
usedcarefully.Evenmicrowaveplastic maynot be as
tolerant of overcooking conditions as are glass or
ceramic materials and may soften or char if sub-
jected to short periods of overcooking, In longer ex-
posures to overcooking, the food and utensils may
even ignite. For these reasons: 1) Use microwave
plastics only and use them in strict compliance with
the utensil manufacturer’s recommendations. 2) Do
not subject empty utensils to microwaving. 3) Do not
permit children to use plastic utensils without com-
17. Don’toperatethe oven whileempty in order to
prolong the life of the oven and save energy, If, by
accident,the oven should run empty a minute or two,
no harm isdone.
18. When cooking pork either convemtiormiiy or in
the microwave oven, follow our directions exactly
and aiways cook the meat to at least 17W. This
assures that, in the remote possibility that trichina
may be present in the meat, it will be killed and meat
will be safeto eat.
fled lm+taller,Seethe
special Installationbookiet
packedwith the microwaveoven.
2, ‘?’he
writ fan In your Spacemaker’”oven will
AutomaticFan Feature,page7)0Whilethe fan is
andspreadingof accidentalcookingfireswhilethe
A. Neverleavesurfaceunitsunattendedat high
E30110vercausessmoking and greasy
splilovers that may Ignit$ and spread if vent fan is
operating, To minimize automatic fan operation,
useadequatesizedutensils and usehigh heat set-
tings only when necessary.
In the eventof a grea$efire,smother flaming
pan on surface unit by covering pan completely
whh well-fitting IM, cookie sheet or flat tray.
becauseIt may spread the flames.
to instructions on pages 17 arid 19, to maintain
good venting and avcddgreasefires,
to avoid tipping over tall cooking