ResMed 2011-09 Ventilation Hood User Manual

Tailoring treatment setup options
Setting Ramp
Ramp time is a feature that can be enabled
by your clinician by sett
ing a maximum ramp
time. Designed to make the beginning of
treatment more comfortable, ramp time is
the period during which the pressure
increases from a low start pressure to the
treatment pressure. See “Setup menu:
Options” on page 16.
If the Clinician has selected both, ie, dual,
you can choose the program to use on the
eatment screen. If only a single program is
selected, the option does not display.
Using mask-fit
You can use mask-fit to help you fit your mask properly. This feature delivers constant
treatment pressure for a three-minute period, prior to starting treatment, during which you
can check and adjust your mask-fit to minimise leaks. The mask-fit pressure is the set
CPAP or EPAP pressure or 10 cm H
O, whichever is greater.
1 Put the mask on according to the mask user guide.
2 Hold down for at least three seconds until pressure delivery starts.
If necessary adjust the mask, mask cushion and headgear until you have a good mask fit.
After three minutes treatment will begin. Mask-fit can be stopped at any time by pressing .
Press for at least three seconds during mask-fit to start the treatment imm
The mask-fitting feature is di
sabled when the mask type Tr ac h is selected.
Ramp time