ResMed 2011-09 Ventilation Hood User Manual

Pressure required for treatment may
have changed.
See your clinician to adjust the pressure.
There is a large impedance (eg,
antibacterial filter) in the air circuit.
Perfom the Learn circuit function.
Humidifier control dial set too high,
lting in accumulation of water in the
air tubing.
Turn humidifier control down and empty
the water from the air tubing.
Treatment pressure seems high
Pressure required for treatment may
e changed.
Consult your clinician.
There is a change in the impedance in the
circuit configurations.
Perform the Learn Circuit function.
The device does not start when y
ou breathe into the mask
SmartStart/Stop not on. Consult your clinician.
Breath is not deep enough to trigger
Take a deep breath in and out through the
There is excessive leak. Adjust position of mask and headgear.
Plug(s) missing from port(s) on mask. Replace plug(s).
Air tubing is not connected properly. Connect firmly at both ends.
Air tubing is kinked or punctured. Straighten or replace tubing.
There is a large impedance (eg,
antibacterial filter) in the air circuit.
Perform the Learn circuit function.
The device does not stop when you remove your mask
SmartStart/Stop is disabled. Consult your clinician.
Use of a full face mask or tracheostomy
artStart is disabled if Full face mask or
Trach is selected as interface.
Incompatible accessories (eg, humidifier
or ma
sk system) with high resistance
being used.
Use only equipment as recommended
and su
pplied by ResMed.
High Leak Alarm or Low Min Vent alarms
are se
t to ON.
Consult your clinician.
Confirm Stop is enabled. Consult y
our clinician.
High Leak Alarm is enabled, but alarm does not activate when the mask
is remo
ved during treatment
Incompatible air delivery system being
Use only e
quipment as recommended
and supplied by ResMed.
Pressure settings are too low f
or the air
delivery components being used.
Perform the Learn circuit function to
adjust the therapy pressure according to
your air tubing system.
Learn Circuit failed
The circuit configuration is
opriate as the impedance
detected is too high.
Too many components have been
included or the impedan
ce of
accessories in use is above ResMed’s
recommendation, eg, type of filter,
external humidifier, air tubing.
Review the components included in the
circuit configuration and adjust as
then rer
un Learn Circuit (see
“Setup menu” on page 16
Problem / possible cause Solution