ResMed 2011-09 Ventilation Hood User Manual

1 Remove the air tubing from the device and the patient interface.
2 Wash the air tubing in warm water using mild detergent.
3 Rinse thoroughly, hang and allow to dry.
4 Reconnect the air tubing to the air outlet and patient interface.
Do not use bleach, chlorine, alcohol or aromatic-based solutions (including all
scented oils), moisturising or antibacterial soaps to clean the air tubing or the device.
These solutions may cause hardening and reduce the life of the product.
1 Wipe the exterior of the device and the pulse oximeter (if used) with a damp cloth and mild
2 Check the air filter to check if it is blocked by dirt or contains holes.
Replacing the air filter
Replace the air filter every six months (or more often if necessary).
Do not wash the air filter. The air filter is not washable or reusable
1 Remove the air filter cover from the back of the device.
2 Remove and discard the old air filter.
3 Insert a new air filter.
4 Refit the air filter cover.
Disinfection of your device helps to prevent the risk of cross contamination.
Disinfect the exterior of the device, and especially the air outlet, with a damp cloth an
d a
disinfection solution (eg, Microzid).
Air filter cover
Air filter