Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

Water softener
Every dishwasher is tested before
leaving the factory. Any water
remaining in the machine is from the
final factory test and does not
indicate that the machine has been
To achieve good cleaning results, the
dishwasher needs soft water. Hard
water results in calcium deposits on
dishware and in the dishwasher.
If your tap water hardness is above 4°d
(4 gr/gal [US]), the water should be
softened. This takes place
automatically in the unit’s integrated
water softener.
The water softener is set automatically
to the local water hardness.
The water softener is designed for a
water hardness of up to 70 °d.
If the hardness of your local supply
is constantly lower than 4 °d (4 gr/gal
[US]), you do not need to add water
softener salt. The salt indicator
turns off automatically.
Checking the water hardness
Once the dishwasher has been
installed and connected, run the
"Rinse + Hold" program. After the
program has finished, the water
hardness measured by the sensor can
be displayed.
This value is displayed in °d and may
fluctuate depending on the water
Turn the dishwasher off s.
Press the "Start/Stop" button and at
the same time turn the dishwasher on
s. Hold the "Start/Stop" button until
the "Start/Stop" indicator comes on.
If it does not come on, start over.
^ Press the "Delay Start" button 6 times.
The "Delay Start" indicator flashes
6 times in intervals.
The measured water hardness is
displayed in °d and is shown in the time
display as the number after the p.
Turn the dishwasher off s.
Before using for the first time