Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

Adjusting the upper basket
The upper basket can be raised or
lowered to accommodate tall items.
The basket can also be angled to fit tall
items in both, the upper and lower
baskets. The angles should not be set
to opposite extremes. This will block the
middle spray arm. Take care when
sliding the basket in and out in this
Slide out the upper basket.
Pull up the levers at the sides of the
upper basket and adjust the basket
Release the levers and the basket will
lock in place.
Depending on the setting of the upper
basket, a variety of plate dimensions
can be accommodated.
For example: If the upper basket is in
its highest position a plate with a
diameter of 12
" (31 cm) can be fit in
the lower basket.
Loading the dishwasher