Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

Default setting
All settings can be reset to the factory
Turn the dishwasher off "s".
Press the "Start/Stop" button and at
the same time turn the dishwasher on
s. Hold the "Start/Stop" button at
least 4 seconds until the "Start/Stop"
indicator comes on.
If it does not come on, start over.
Press the "Delay Start" button
12 times.
The "Delay Start" indicator flashes once
long and twice short in intervals. The
time display shows p 0 or p 1.
The time display shows if a setting was
"p 1": All settings are factory default.
"p 0": At least one setting was
To reset the dishwasher to the factory
default, press the program button.
The setting is now saved.
Turn the dishwasher off s.
Additional functions