Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

The machine comes equipped with a
built-in non-return valve on the
discharge side to prevent waste
water from flowing back into the
The dishwasher is equipped with a
5 ft (1.5 m) flexible drain hose with an
internal diameter of 7/8" (22 mm).
Drain hose extensions and adapters
can be ordered from Miele.
The maximum drain hose length is
13 ft. (4 m), max. drain height: 39"
(1 m).
If the hose is to be directly fitted to
the drainage outlet on site, use the
supplied hose clip.
The hose can be installed to the left
or right side.
The existing drain pipe for the drain
hose is designed for various hose
diameters. The drain pipe must be
shortened if the drain pipe extends
too far into the drain hose. The drain
hose could get clogged.
The drain hose must not be
Make sure the hose is installed
without kinking, pressure or being
Venting the drainage system
If the dishwasher drain hose is
connected to a floor drain or to a drain
pipe that is less than 8" (20 cm) above
the floor, the drain must be vented.
Otherwise the water inside the
dishwasher may siphon out during the
wash program.
Open the dishwasher door and
remove the lower basket.
Pull the lower spray arm firmly
upwards to remove.
Cut off the vent cap located at the
right rear of the triple filter system, as