Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

Energy saving washing
This dishwasher is exceptionally
economical in the use of water and
electricity. For best results follow these
For lowest energy consumption and
the gentlest washing of china and
crystal, connect the dishwasher to a
cold water source.
For fastest possible wash times, yet
higher energy consumption, connect
the dishwasher to a hot water source.
Make full use of the baskets without
overloading for the most economical
^ Use the correct amount of detergent
and rinse aid.
^ When using powder or gel detergent,
reduce the amount to
of the
normal amount when washing a small
^ Choose a program that best suits the
degree of soiling and the type of
dishes being washed.
For small loads select "Short".
Caring for the environment