Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

Turning on
Make sure the spray arms can rotate
Close the door.
Open the water tap, if it is closed.
Turn the dishwasher on s.
The "Start/Stop" indicator flashes and
the indicator of the last set program
Selecting a program
Choose your program according to the
type of load and soiling.
The "Program guide" describes the
programs and use.
Starting a program
Select the desired program with the
program button.
The indicator of the selected program
The time display shows the duration of
the selected program in hours and
Select an additional function if
desired, see "Additional functions" for
more information.
Press the "Start/Stop" button.
The program starts. The "Start/Stop",
"Rinse" and selected program indicator
If either detergent function "2 in 1" or
"Gel" is activated, the respective
indicator lights.
Cancel a program only in the first 5
minutes. Otherwise, important
program steps (e.g. the water
softening) may be interrupted.