Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

Rinse aid indicator
When the rinse aid indicator first comes
on, there will be enough rinse aid left
for 2 - 3 washes.
^ The rinse aid indicator on the control
panel will light when the rinse aid
reservoir needs refilling.
If the "2 in 1" function is selected, the
rinse aid indicator will not light, see
"Additional functions - Detergent
Adjusting the dosage
The dosage selector is preset to 3. This
dispenses approximately 3 ml of rinse
aid per program. It can be adjusted
from 1 to 6.
Use a higher setting if spots appear
on dry glassware.
Use a lower setting if streaking
appears on dishes or glasses.
Turn the dishwasher off s.
Press the "Start/Stop" button and at
the same time turn the dishwasher on
s. Hold the "Start/Stop" button until
the "Start/Stop" indicator comes on.
If it does not come on, start over.
^ Press the "Delay Start" button three
The "Delay Start" indicator flashes
3 times in intervals.
The time display shows "p 3". A rinse
aid amount of 3 ml is selected (factory
The set value is shown in the time
display after the "p".
Select the desired setting with the
"Start/Stop" button. Every touch of the
button adjusts the level.
The programmed dosage is saved.
Turn the dishwasher off s.
Before using for the first time