Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

Check and clean your dishwasher
regularly (approx. every 4-6
months). This will help avoid
problems and faults.
Abrasive cleaning agents, glass
cleaning agents, all-purpose
cleaners, thinner or ammonium
cleaners should not be used on the
dishwasher. They will damage the
Wash cabinet
Generally, the wash cabinet is self
cleaning if the correct amount of
detergent is used.
The wash cabinet can be cleaned with
a dishwasher cleaner such as "Dis
Cleaner" available from your Miele
dealer, Miele or online at
Door and the door seal
Wipe the door seals regularly with a
damp cloth to remove food deposits.
Food residue and spilled liquids
should be wiped from the sides of the
dishwasher door. These are outside
of the wash cabinet and are not
cleaned by water from the spray
Only use a conditioner suitable for
your kitchen cabinetry.
Clean wood only with a damp cloth
and wipe dry.
Stainless steel surfaces can be
cleaned using a non-abrasive
stainless steel cleaner or with
dishwashing detergent and warm
To help prevent resoiling, a
conditioner for stainless steel can
also be used. Apply sparingly with
even pressure.
Control panel
^ Plastic control panel should only be
wiped with a damp cloth or suitable
cleaning agent designed for use on
^ For stainless steel panels see
information above.
The stainless steel surfaces and
controls may become discolored or
damaged if not cleaned regularly.
The appliance front and controls are
not scratch proof.
Remove spills immediately.
Cleaning and Care