Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

Filling the salt container
Inadvertently filling the salt
container with dishwashing
detergent will damage the water
Only use water softener salt
specially formulated for
dishwashers. Other salts may
contain insoluble additives which
can impair the water softener.
Remove the lower basket and
unscrew the salt container lid.
When opening the salt container,
water will run out. Open the reservoir
only to refill salt.
Important: The salt container must
be filled with 2 quarts (2 l) of water
before adding salt for the first
time. Water does not have to be
added with subsequent refills.
Place the provided funnel over the
salt container. Carefully fill with salt.
The salt container holds approx.
4.5 lbs (2 kg) of salt. As it is filled,
water will run out.
^ Clean any excess salt from the
threads of the reservoir opening.
Screw the lid on firmly.
^ If the dishwasher will not be used
immediately, run the "Short" program.
This will remove any traces of salt
from inside the wash cabinet.
Before using for the first time