Miele G 2420 Dishwasher User Manual

Issue Possible fault Fix
Glasses are
discolored and the
film cannot be wiped
Detergent deposits. Use a different detergent.
Glasses are dull and
discolored, film
cannot be wiped off.
Glasses are not dishwasher
There is no remedy. Only
wash dishwasher safe
glasses in the dishwasher.
Tea or lipstick stains
have not been
completely removed.
The wash temperature of
the selected program was
too low.
Select a program with a
higher temperature.
The detergent has a low
bleaching effect.
Use a different detergent.
Plastics are
Natural dyes e.g. from
vegetables may be the
cause. Not enough
detergent was used to
break down natural dyes.
Use more detergent, see
"Adding detergent".
Discoloration is permanent.
There are rust stains
on cutlery.
The affected items are not
corrosion resistant.
There is no remedy. Only
wash dishwasher safe
cutlery in the dishwasher.
No program was run after
refilling salt. Salt residuals
got in the wash cycle.
Start the "Short" program
without a load after refilling
The salt container lid was
not screwed on properly.
Reseat and screw the lid on
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