West Bend L5689A Bread Maker User Manual

Knead bar cannot be removed
Add warm water to the bread pan and allow the knead bar to soak before trying
to remove. Follow the cleaning instructions. You may need to twist the knead
bar slightly after soaking to loosen. Do not immerse the bread pan in water.
Bread sticks to bread pan/difficult to shake out
Can happen over prolonged use – Wipe the inside of the bread pan, from the
ribs down with vegetable oil or solid shortening. Or add 1 tsp. vegetable oil to
the liquid in the bread pan before adding dry ingredients. Do not use vegetable
spray as sticking can worsen. Or, let bread sit in bread pan for 10 minutes
before shaking out. Replacement bread pan may be ordered. See Warranty
Ingredients not mixed
Did not start machine – After programming the control panel, press the
“START/STOP” button to turn on.
Forgot to put knead bar in bread pan – Always make sure the knead bar is on
the shaft in the bottom of the bread pan before adding ingredients.
Burning odor noted during operation
Ingredients spilled inside oven – Be careful not to spill ingredients when adding
to the bread pan as they will burn on the heating unit and cause smoke.
Bread pan leaks – Replacement bread pan may be ordered. See Warranty
Exceeding capacity of bread pan – Do not use more ingredients than
recommended in recipe and always measure accurately.
Machine unplugged by mistake or power lost during use for longer than 5
minutes. How can I save the bread?
If machine is in knead cycle, reprogram to the same bread setting and turn the
machine back on.
If machine is in rise or bake cycle, preheat conventional oven to 350°F (177°C).
Carefully remove the bread pan from the machine and bake on rack in center of
oven for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.
Alert sounds, display shows “E01” and machine cannot be turned on.
Bread maker too hot to make consecutive loaves – Unplug the cord from the
outlet and allow to cool with the bread pan removed and cover open for 15-20
minutes. Plug the cord back in the outlet, add bread pan and start machine.
Bread maker is malfunctioning – See Warranty section for service information.