West Bend L5689A Bread Maker User Manual

LCD DISPLAY: The display indicates when the appliance is ready for use. When
the unit is first plugged in the default program is displayed. “1 3:25” appears on the
display. The “1”specifies which program is selected (1-12 programs) and the “3:25”
is the length of the program in hour:minutes. The position of the marking at the top
of the display indicates the weight of the loaf selected (1, 1-1/2 or 2lb) with 2lb as the
default. The position of the marking at the bottom of the display indicates the degree
of browning that is selected (light, medium, dark or rapid) with medium as the
default. As the program proceeds the digits of the time displayed will decrease
progressively indicating remaining time. During operation the status of the program
is indicated in the display with a mark at the active program mode; “Timer,”
“Preheating,” “Kneading,” “Pause,” “Rising,” “Baking,” “Keep Warm,” and program
: The “START/STOP button is used to start, stop, pause or
cancel a program. Pressing the button when the bread maker is idle will start the
program. Pressing the button when the bread maker is active will pause the
program. Pressing the button while the program is paused will resume the program.
When the bread maker is active or paused, pressing and holding the button until a
short alert is heard will cancel the program. A short alert is heard with each press of
the “START/STOP button. You must set all your desired program settings before
starting the program. The program cannot be changed while the bread maker is
UP and DOWN “TIMER” Buttons
: The “TIMER” buttons are used to set a delayed
program end time. Only the following programs can be used with the delay timer: (1)
“BASIC,” (2) “FRENH,” (3) “WHOLEWHEAT,” (4) “SWEET,” (8) “DARK,” (9)
“DOUGH” and (10) “BAGEL DOUGH.” The (5) “SUPER RAPID 1.5lb,” (6) “SUPER
RAPID 2lb,” (7) “QUICK,” (11) “JAM” and (12) “BAKE” programs can not be started
with the delay timer. The delay hours and minutes will be added to the
preprogrammed times for the specific program. The time indicated in the display is
the time until the end of the cycle. The maximum time delay is 12 hours and 58
minutes per program.
Example: It is 8:30 p.m. and you would like the bread ready for the next morning at
7:00 a.m. Determine the time difference, 7:00 a.m. is 10 hours and 30 minutes
ahead of 8:30 p.m. Press the “TIMER” up or down button until 10:30 appears in the
NEVER use the time delay function when using perishable ingredients such as milk,
eggs, fruit, yogurt, etc.!